Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thoughts on the CCDA exam...

I sat the CCDA exam the other day and was stunned to find that I hadn't passed it. Sitting here now I'm still little confused if I'm honest. The exam consists of 55 questions to be completed in 75 minutes which is plenty of  time. I finished with 15 minutes go and that was after I made myself slow down.

Thinking on I'm trying to remember the style of questions I faced and to be honest I'm struggling to remember specifics. I'm not going to challenge the NDA you sign so all I say is that standard of question is no more technically challenging than the level you get in the Office Cert Guide by Bruno and Jordan. I can think of one area however I probably did fall down on. The test papers.

In the Offical Cert Guide and on the Cisco Learning Network there are practice question that you can try. When ever I did them I passed with flying colours. In the practice exams I did 3 attempts and pass them all by a good margin so I felt I was ready. At no point during the exam did I feel that it was getting the better of me and I think there were only 2 questions where I felt I needed to guess. As a result I was actually shocked when it said I hadn't met the grade.

I'm about to reschedule the exam for a few weeks time and today I reviewed the Offical Cert Guide and compared it to the Exam Topics list off the Cisco Learning Network. The main thing that lept out  to me was that while the Exam topics are set out one way, the Offical Cert Guide is set out in a different structure. As a result it's not immediately clear how the study material relates to the exam objectives.

I'm going to spend this week comparing and contrasting the material I have and will ramp up the exam practice. Finally I'll be reviewing (again) Enterprise Architecture, and Network Services.

Onwards and upwards...

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