Friday, February 19, 2021

DEVNET - My DevNet Journey - 1 year in!

 It's been just over a year since my first Cisco Live and my introduction to the new DevNet certification track.

Since then I've managed to cover so much and looking back I've got to say I'm really proud with myself on how far I've come.

From a standing start, knowing little of network automation or the technologies associated with it, I have:

  • Completed Hank Prestons Programming Fundementals course
  • Completed the DevNet Fundementals online training course
  • Completed Nick Russo's DevNet Associate Path on
  • Completed many Cisco DevNet Sandbox's
  • Sat and passed the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate exam
  • Joined the Cisco DevNet Class of 2020

As I look forward to the rest of 2021, I'm thinking about what's next and how I can utilise my studies at work. 

I'm aware one of the business objectives in my team will be to adopt 'network automation' - what manner that will take has not been defined yet so I have a real opportunity to get in at the ground level help move the business processes forward.

Wth that in mind I plan to set out new list of personal targets to take me to 2022 and beyond. 

In no particular order:
  • Get hands on with Ansible, YAML and gain an understanding of Ansible Tower
  • Look into CI/CD pipeline, in particular Jenkins
  • Get a better handle on GitHub and Git, and tidy up my repo
  • Keep working on the Cisco DevNet Sandboxes to keep the DEVASC skills fresh
  • Consider the DevNet Professional certfication in order to renew my CCNP before 2023
Exciting times ahead.

All the best with your studies and keep moving forward.