Thursday, June 28, 2012

Password recovery on a Cisco ME3400 Switch

Continuing my notes on password recovery on various bits of kit. Today's task was an ME3400 Switch.

Perform the following steps to regain access to your switch:
  1. Power up the switch and send the Break sequence (dependant on the system you are working from) to access Password Recovery
  2. Load the helper files:                                         switch#load_helper
  3. Next, verify the name of your config file:            switch#dir
  4. Rename said config file:                                     switch#rename flash:config.txt flash:config.txt.old
  5. Reboot the system:                                           switch#boot
  6. Next you'll be prompt to enter the auto config process. Enter No
  7. Enter the PRIV EXEC mode:                           switch>en
  8. Rename your config file:                                   switch#rename flash:config.txt.old flash:config.txt
  9. Copy the config in the Memory:                       switch#copy flash:config.txt system:running-config
  10. Next change your passwords as you see fit
  11. Last part is to check the state of your interfaces. You may need to #no shut your appropriate ports.
     Finally apply your changes via switch#wr mem and reboot.

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