Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CCDP - ARCH - Route filtering

Filter routes inbound to a router via a 'distribute-list' cmd to prevent inbound rutes from being learned.

Filter routes outbound to a neighbour via a 'redistribute [protocol] [process number] route-map FILTER' cmd and a deny statement on the FILTER route-map to stop routes from being advertised towards a neighbour.

CCDP - ARCH - Migrate Routing Protocols By Manipulating the AD

High level steps to move from one RP to another by manipulating the AD:
1) Configure the new RP and manually set the AD to be Higher (and therefore less preferred) than the current RP
2) Configure all devices as necessary and then check the topology using appropriate show commands
3) Ensure the new RP has all the required routes in its database
4) Either by increasing the AD on the current RP or by reducing the AD on the New RP change the AD so that the new RP is the preferred RP to use
5) Use show commands to ensure that the new RP is populating the routing table correctly (there shouldn't be any routes learned via the old protocol - if there are some then troubleshoot accordingly)
6) Remove the old RP from the routers
7) Move to normal running