Monday, November 12, 2012

CCDP - ARCH - STP tools

The following tools can be used to manage STP and L2 switching loops:

  • PortFast: applied to a port connecting to an end user/host. Transitions the ports straight to forwarding
  • UplinkFast: Offers L2 link load balancing, up to 5 secs convergence time once a link fails
  • BackboneFast: Invoked when an inferor BPDU is received on a root port or blocked port. Reduces convergence times after an indirect failure.
  • Loop Guard: Stops a bridging loop by preventing an Alternate port or Root port becoming a Designated port.
  • Root Guard: Protects the Root switch by preventing other switches from taking the Root role.
  • BPDU Guard: Apply to PortFast enabled ports. If the port recieves a BPDU the port gets shutdown
  • UDLD (UniDirectional Link Detection): Detects when one-way connection exists on a copper/fibre link. Interface moves to a shutdown state and an alarm is triggered.
  • Bridge Assurance: If a port that should receive BPDU's suddenly stops receiving them the port is moved to an 'Inconsistant' state and shutdown. Prevents potential loops


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