Monday, March 3, 2008

CCNP and Networking Academy students

Since Cisco announced their plans to move to the new 3 exam path back in January there's been much discussion at my local Networking Academy about what that actually means for those who have already passed some of the exams but won't finish the Academy programme until after July31st.

Cisco have posted the following information;
on the last page it says
Q. Until when will Networking Academy students be able to take the current CCNP certification exams?
A. The four current CCNP certification exams will be available to the general public through July 31, 2010 and to Networking Academy students using a special voucher through July 31, 2011. More information about how to obtain a special, non-discount voucher to enable students to continue to take the retiring exams will be communicated as soon as it is available. 

CCNP Exam Combinations:
BSCI+BCMSN+ISCW+ONT      = Last day is July 31st 2011
COMP+ISCW+ONT                  = Last day is July 31st 2011
BSCI+SWITCH+ISCW+ONT     = Last day is July 31st 2011
ROUTE+BCMSN+ISCW+ONT  = Last day is July 31st 2011 
ROUTE+SWITCH+ISCW+ONT = Last day is July 31st 2011 
BSCI+BCMSN+TSHOOT         = Ongoing
COMP+TSHOOT                    = Ongoing
BSCI+TSHOOT+SWITCH        = Ongoing

This should be a weight off anyone's mind who is doing their CCNP through a Networking Academy (including me!)