Friday, September 6, 2013

Upgrade the IOS on a Cisco Catalyst 3750 switch

Steps to conduct an upgrade of the IOS are as follows:

  1. Download the new image from using a suitable account
  2. Install a TFTP server such as SolarWinds TFTP Server (other TFTP programs are available)
  3. Boot the switch and apply an IP address to the VLAN1 interface
  4. Apply an IP in the same subnet to your PC/Laptop LAN port and cable up using a CAT5 straight through
  5. Ping both sides to confirm connectivity
  6. Copy the downloaded BIN image to the TFTP-Root folder you'll find on the C:drive
  7. Start the TFTP Server on the PC/Laptop
  8. On the switch back up the current image to your PC/Laptop #copy Flash:/[filename.bin] tftp
  9. Enter the required remote host IP and confirm the destination file name when prompted
  10. Allow the current file to copy over to the PC/Laptop
  11. Once complete delete the original from the switch to create space for the new image #delete /recursive Flash:/[filename.bin]
  12. Next copy the new image from the PC/Lpatop to the switch #copy tftp: flash:
  13. Enter the remote host details and file name then confirm
  14. Allow the file to copy
  15. Set the new BIN as the system boot image #boot system flash:/[filename.bin]
  16. write this #wr
  17. Reload

Verify the image in use via - #sh ver

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