Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cisco CCDA - Done!

At the start of August I returned to the site of my last attempt and faced the Cisco CCDA once again.

This time I have re-read the OCG, read more from the Cisco Design Zone -

I had also reviewed all the exam material I had and not take the results for granted (as I did last time).

What I found with my resit was that is was SOOOOOO much harder! really hard. I'm mean difficult hard. Hard.

Cisco must have a large pool of questions on this exam as I only spotted one question on the entire exam that I recognised from my first attempt and the rest were very detailed and narrow on the topic selection. As it is, I took my time, paced my self as best I could and finished with about 5 minutes to spare. last time I done a good chunk of the exam in the first 15 minutes.

I passed with a reasonable (not brilliant) mark and I'm just grateful I'm now looking at my new certificate on the desk partition in front of me.

My advise for the exam is truely go in depth. As much as you can, learn the detail, and ensure you know the 'Key Topic' sections of OCG of by heart. It's a tough exam but lays the foundation for the ARCH exam so I guess it has to be.

I'm picking the books up in October and hope to have my CCDP by Christmas. Lets see shall we...

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