Monday, January 23, 2012

Upgrade IOS on an ASR-1002F

Steps to upgrade IOS on an ARS-1002F are as follows:
  1. Copy your IOS .bin file to a USB stick and connect it to USB0 on the front of the ASR
  2.  Connect the power and press 'Escape' on startup to access ROMMON
  3. At the prompt do > boot usb0:
  4. The router will boot using the ASR image you have on the USB
  5. Once booted do #copy usb0:asr10~7q.bin bootflash:
  6. Confirm the location and the .bin file will transfer
  7. Next, set the system to boot from bootflash - #boot system flash bootflash:asr10~7q.bin
  8. Next set the config-register to ensure it boots properly - (config)#config-register 0x2102
  9. Write this - #wr mem
  10. Finally reload the asr and ensure it boots correctly - #reload

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