Friday, January 20, 2012

Password Recovery on a Cisco 5580

 Steps to reset a password on a Cisco ASA 5580
  • Boot the system and press escape as the system loads
  • At ROMMON set confreg to 0x41 - >confreg 0x41
  • then reload >boot
  • When prompted type 'No' to by pass the auto configuration steps.
  • Once at the command prompt copy the start-up config to running config:
           #conf t
          (config)#copy start run
  • Next change the password to on of your choice:
         (config)#password [password]
         (config)#enable password [password]
  • Add a user account with priv 15 access:
         (config)#username Trevor password [password] priv 15
  • Change the configuration register back to the correct one:
         (config)#config-register 0x1
  • Finally write this and then reload:
          #wr mem
  •  Test and you should be good.

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