Monday, October 27, 2008

Cisco Intelligent Information Network

The Cisco Intelligent Information Network (IIN) is a framework aims to align IT resources with business objectives across multiple products and infrastructure layers.

It aims to provide you with a route map to integrate resources and information assets, and benefit from a truely converged network infrastructure.

IIN helps to reduce maintenance costs of managing separate voice and data infrastructures.

IIN is achieve by following SONA as the architectural framework to guide your network development. Taking advantage of Cisco Unifiied Communication products and allowing you to virtualise your applications and infrastructure across multiple sites. It results in greater speed, enables scalability, and reduce costs.

To attain the goal of implementing IIN you need to progress through 3 phases
i) Integrate teh transport network
ii) Move to intregrate services
iii) Finally, intregrate the applications used in the enterprise.

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