Friday, February 28, 2020

DEVNET - My DevNet Journey

Its update time.

Lets see where we are with things so far then...
  • Get it set up.  <<DONE
  • Install Visual Studio Code.  <<DONE
  • Link to my Github profile (?) page(?) whatever...<<DONE
  • Work through the Visual Studio Code Python tutorial  <<TO DO
  • Make Cisco DevNet my homepage. <<DONE
  • Work through the Programming Fundamentals course. <<DONE
  • Work through the DevNet Associate Fundamentals course. <<ON GOING
  • Move on to the DevNet sandbox environments and have a play there.  <<ON GOING
  • Check out NAPALM  <<TO DO
  • Check out Netmiko  <<TO DO

My main focus has been working through the Programming Fundementals video course on DevNet

I feel I'm making steady progress but given this is a side project for me I doubt I'm going to make the DevNet 500.

I'll look at posting some further stuff on how I set up the various bits above shortly.

See you soon.