Monday, January 14, 2019

New Year - New Posts!

How long is it since I've posted!

A lot has happened since my CCDP Arch posts. I passed my CCDP - Yey! I've re-certified all my Cisco certs with a last gasp effort last autumn whilst the counter to the 4th November (expiry day) was counting down.

It took me 3 attempts to clear the CCNP - ROUTE , with a week to go, which brings my routing up to date given my last routing exam was the BSCI.

2020 marks my first time at Cisco Live as well. Really looking forward to Barcelona on the 27th and I'll be adding a few posts around my experiences as a first timer.

Finally I'm intending on picking up the ENCOR study material and get my self prepared for the CCIE lab - eek! - Not sure if I'll clear it but what the hell, I'll pick up a load of skills on the way.

Good luck in your NetworkStudies folks!

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