Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CCNP - ENTERPRISE - Switch Security Features - IP Source Guard

IP Source is used to prevent IP Spoofing where an attacker impersonates another host by using it's IP address.

IPSG provide per-port filtering of the assigned source IP, it dynamically maintains per port VLAN ACL's based on the IP-to-MAC bindings set out in the DHCP Snooping database.

IPSG is applied on Untrusted ports and can filter a Source IP or a combination of Source IP and MAC address.

When a violation occurs the packet can be dropped and/or an alert be issued.

Apply IPSG to Access Layer interfaces

Configure IP Source Guard
First enable DHCP Snooping:
  SW1(config)#ip dhcp snooping

Next, apply DHCP Snooping against a specific vlan (or vlans):
  SW1(config)#ip dhcp snooping vlan [id]

Enable IPSG on a specific interface:
  SW1(config-if)#ip verify source vlan [id] dhcp snooping*
    - use this command to verify only source IP addresses

  SW1(config-if)#ip verify source vlan [id] dhcp snooping port-security
   - use this command to verify against source IP and MAC address

Optionally, you can also rate limit and interface
  SW1(config-if)#switchport port-security limit rate [invalid-src-MAC] [rate]

You can also statically bind an IP address to a port:
  SW1(config-if)#ip source binding [ip] vlan [id] interface [id]

Verify IP Source Guard
Use the following commands to verify your configuration:
  SW1#show  ip source binding
   - Displays MAC-to-IP binding, type of binding, vlan membership, interface the binding applies to.

 SW1#sh ip verify source
   - Displays your interface, filter type and mode, IP addr, MAC addr, and VLAN


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