Monday, September 14, 2009

BSCI - ISIS - Show commands

The following show commands can be used for ISIS:

#sh ip protocols
-Displays: active interfaces, routing information sources (neighbors), whether summarisation is in effect, last update

#sh clns protocols
-Displays: System ID, ISIS router type (L1| L1/L2| L2), Area IS, active interfaces

#sh clns neighbor
-Displays:  Single Line summary of neighbors, system id NAMES, SNPA, State (Up or Down), hold time, router type, protocol

#sh clns neighbor detail
- Displays: multi-line details of neighbors, neighbor info, Area ID, up time, ip of neighbor

#sh isis database
-Displays:  L1/L2 routers you see 2 Db's, * indicates the DIS (which is elected either via the interface cmd #isis priority [number] or is a priority is not set the DIS is the device with the highest SNPA which in this case it the Ethernet MAC address on the router)

#sh isis topology
- Displays: system, metric, next-hop, egress interface to get to next-hop, SNPA of next-hop router

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