Friday, January 4, 2008

DSL Variants

DSL Differs in:
i) Nature - Is it Symmetrical or Asymmetrical?
ii) Max Data Rate - i.e. max speed deployed
iii) Live Coding Technology - technique used to deploy signall to copper wire
iv) Data/Voice Support - Certain DSL types do not support both data and voice at the same time
v) Max Distance - Distance DSL signals can span

DSL            Nature              Max Rate               Data+POTS
ADSL         ASym              8m/1m                     Yes
RADSL      ASym              Adaptable                Yes
VDSL         Both                52m/13m                 Yes
IDSL          Sym                 144k/144k               No
SDSL         Sym                 768k/768k               No
HDSL        Sym                 2M/2M                    No
G.SHDSL  Sym                 2.3M/2.3M              No

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